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Rated current:1A AC,DC
Rated voltage:Communication250V,DC
temperature range:-40°C + 105°C
Contact resistance:20mΩMaximum。
Insulation resistance:500mΩMinute。
Withstand voltage:1000V AC /Minute
*Compliant with ROHS and contact*

With regard to products:

The piercing connector includes the first fastener, the second fastener and the pointed fastener. The first fastener and the second fastener are arranged along the arrangement direction of the two electronic wires and there is a capacitive cavity matching the two electronic wires between them. The first fastener is connected to the second fastener and the two electronic wires are compressed in the capacitive cavity. The first fastener is provided with a through hole connecting to the capacitive cavity; the pointed piercer is made of metal and has a pointed end for piercing and conducting the two electrons in turn. Line. With the cooperation of the first fastener and the second fastener, the two electronic wires are compacted to the preset shape of the same shape as the capacitive cavity, and then the sharp needles are inserted into the capacitive cavity through the through hole. The sharp needles can pierce two electronic wires in turn, and connect and conduct the internal metal wires of the two electronic wires. The connection is firm and reliable, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the connection. The two electronic wires are connected and connected by a piercing type with a sharp needle, without removing the sheath of the electronic wires, so as to improve the efficiency.

Regarding companies:

Fifteen years of industry experience, many authoritative certification

Fifteen years experience in connector production, sales and service;

Certification of many authoritative organizations, UL, ISO 9001, etc.

Mainly produces various connectors and other products.

Own mold making, professional custom connector

Have independent mould development, design and processing team;

Independent die opening, can undertake die processing business;

Specialized custom connectors, such as MX4.2 (5557), MX2.5 (5264), etc.

UL Professional Laboratory, Quality Assurance

UL professional authoritative certification laboratory to ensure your quality;

Have advanced production equipment, technology and innovation;

JSV connectors are used in consumer electronics, household appliances, driverless and other fields.

The Brand Service Team is considerate to you.

Have professional service team, 7*12 hours dedicated line service;

Perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services;

On-line one-to-one brand dedicated line service, intimate always for you.

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